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We call it Knowledge Transfer because formal training budgets often don't exist. Organizations hire technical staff because of their prior training and expertise, but often do not pay to keep that expertise current.

The reason why is not a surprise. The overwhelming majority of what has been sold as "Training" is expensive attempts at PowerPoint poisoning led by someone with little domain expertise but a seemingly infinite number of boring slide decks.

Our Knowledge Transfer engagements are typically 1 to 5 days and are sold on a per-diem basis, not by the number of people attending, you are free to record or video tape them, and they can be provided in the form of hands-on consulting or formal classes with labs.

All of our Knowledge Transfer engagements are delivered, personally, by Oracle ACE Director Alum Daniel Morgan who brings to every engagement the benefit of subject matter expertise in aerospace, banking, defense, finance, insurance, and hospital-medical. All curriculum is customized to address issues in your environment at no extra charge.

To preview some of the materials Morgan uses in public presentations visit our Presentations.

For a free, promotion-free, sample send us an email and arrange a free Lunch & Learn for your team.
Sample Hands-On Labs
  • Audit Configuration
  • CIS Compliance
  • Configuring Minimum Privileges
  • Database Denial of Service
  • Database Encryption
  • DFARS Compliance
  • Firewall Failures
  • GDPR Compliance
  • How Encryption Fails
  • Identity Management Failures
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Migrating to Proxy Users
  • NIST Compliance
  • Oracle's Installation Defaults
  • PCI Compliance
  • Preventing Denial of Service
  • Preventing SQL Injection
  • Secure Deployment
  • Secure Listener Configuration
  • Startup Parameter Configuration
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