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We have been in serving our customers and the community in IT since 1998 when we started our first consulting business as EXE Solutions. We became Advanced Technology Services in 2005 when we found ourselves in the unique position of being the first to successfully deploy Oracle RAC on the Apple Macintosh platform. From 2012 to early 2019 we took a break when our Managing Director, Daniel Morgan, got a "real job" and worked for a number of boutique consultancies including Rolta, Performance Tuning, Forsythe Meta7/Sirius, and the non-so-boutique Oracle Consulting Services: All focusing on the three S's (Stability, Scalability and Security).

With a new name,
DBSecWorx, we are re-engaging with a primary focus on the most critical of the three. Oracle's databases are stable enough and scalable enough to support global enterprises like Amazon, EBay, Google, and PayPal. But unfortunately, while stability and scalability have greatly improved, the same cannot be said for Security which is under constant assault.

Firewalls, network, and end-point monitoring work right up until they fail spectacularly. And they are clearly not stopping major attacks from happening every day of every year.
DBSecWorx focuses on the most disruptive ideas and technologies. Technologies that are important because they work not because they generate large sales volumes.

Contact us today for a free, zero sales pitch, Lunch & Learn for your team.

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