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We understand privacy and security and we treat everyone the way we wish to be treated. Therefore:
  • This website is a safe harbor and fully complies with all privacy laws without equivocation or exception
  • This website does not collect any identifying information nor does it use, require, or store passwords
  • This website uses no hidden code: All source code can be reviewed with a browser
  • This website does not track anyone by any means
  • This website does not use cookies
  • This website does not collect or store IP addresses
  • The only external application that is embedded in this website is Google Analytics

  • If you wish to contact us [Click] on the [Contact Us] link and phone, text, or send an email
  • Information we retain is covered by a written policy statement available on request
  • Information we retain from contacts is stored in an air gapped database secured with
    AES256 encryption enhanced with cipher-chain and padding algorithms
  • Information we receive will not be loaned, shared, sold, or transferred to any person or persons,
    organization, company, corporation, or other entity except pursuant to a subpoena legally issued
    by a court of appropriate jurisdiction and said subpoena will be challenged, in court, if appropriate
    before compliance is rendered unless we receive your written authorization
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