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DBSecWorx is committed to being a different kind of company. Please read the following short paragraphs before reviewing this page.

Members of our team have worked on projects for or with each of the organizations identified below.

We say this not to imply that any of these are a current customer. Nor do we wish to imply that the work was security related. Nor to imply an endorsement. We take NDAs seriously and we will never reveal what we did or did not do for any organization we work with. We will not put your organization's logo here without your explicit written permission.

The reason we have built this page is to make clear that we have very extensive knowledge, from a very large number of engagements, in a very large number of business sectors, spanning many decades. We have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and, yes, also the excellent.

We bring to every engagement both the best practices we have learned as well as a willingness to raise cautions when we see what is likely to result in an expensive failure or an unmitigated risk.

Our customers benefit from our experience, your organization will too.
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