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SQLcillin: Defense in Depth Injected Directly Into Your Oracle Databases
    The Oracle Database is the most capable and secure enterprise database available. The Oracle's commercial success makes it an attractive target for attack and its long history of pioneering state-of-the-art features forces each new release to prioritize backward compatibility over out-of-the-box security. Oracle can't anticipate every customization so their customers must configure the security.

For these reasons, the product is released with the best possible security but with the requirement that the owner enable them in a way that is compatible with their environment: A task few DBAs are trained to perform.

DBSecWorx 's SQLcillin suite provides Expert Systems that significantly reduce the available attack surface by enabling and configuring the most important of these built-in capabilities.
SQLcillin Glogin
One of the most dangerous attacks on an Oracle Database is not SQL Injection, is is the glogin attack. The Glogin exploit allows an attacker, with no privileges, not event the ability to log into the database, in a single step to become a DBA while simultaneously producing an audit trail that blames an innocent party for granting the privileges. Most concerning, your current vendors do not have a single product that can prevent the attack.
SQLcillin GL Resource Center
SQLcillin Profile
The Oracle Default Profile grants an all users, including an attacker, access to unlimited resources. Unnecessary for those with legitimate need to get their work done. A gift those that want to steal hundreds of millions of credit cards or other proprietary data.

SQLcillin Profile, in seconds, can eliminate all Default profile risk.
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SQLcillin Proxy
Creating a new user or schema creates a new vulnerability. SQLcillin Proxy automates deployment of human and application users with the minimum attack surface and makes it possible to change all application passwords with zero down-time.
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SQLcillin Public
By default Oracle grants access by all connected users to more than 43,000 objects including all source code. SQLcillin Public uses an Expert System to eliminate all of the most dangerous grants to PUBLIC in seconds.

SQLcillin Public White Papers: Coming Soon
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