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How do you interview for a position when you are trying to acquire new skills?

Not a trivial question when team members do not know what to ask. And especially difficult in IT where technology changes quickly.

When you need a hire a key resource with Oracle Database skills, what questions about security will you ask them? Below are five critically important security related questions?
  1. If you installed a new Oracle database version 12.2 or above for us what configuration changes would you make to minimize the risk of a DDOS attack?
  2. Please provide us with two different scenarios in which you would utilize a Lockdown Profile?
  3. By default, Oracle grants EXECUTE on DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR is that an issue and if so what would you do to protect us?
  4. What is an appropriate value for INACTIVE_ACCOUNT_TIME and why?
  5. When was the last time you applied a CPU? What did it fix? What steps did you take before you applied it?
You now have 5 questions ... what you need someone that knows the rest of them ... and also knows the correct answers.

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