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Where do you turn when you need an expert witness to assist in litigation?

The DBSecWorx team includes more than just technical skills, we have the experience and credentials required to qualify as an Expert Witness in federal, state, and local courts and to advise on database cyber security matters. Our experience includes:
  • Testimony in Federal Criminal Court
  • Testimony before Federal Regulatory Agencies
  • Subpoenas Preparation and Response
    A request to produce a copy of a database is essentially meaningless. A DBA I can interpret a request to include or exclude a substantial amount of data. A list that will vary depending on the database product, the database's version, and how the database was configured. If you are requesting documents do you know what to ask for? If you responding to a document request do you know how to best respond on behalf of your client?
  • Interrogatory Preparation
    • Does your firm have the expertise required to draft an interrogatory in a matter where there is accusation that PII or PHI data was leaked?
    • Does your firm know what questions to ask? What questions not to ask? And why?
    • Does your firm know which practices required by Federal Law and Regulatory Agencies are routinely ignored and in which industries?
    • We do
  • Document Preparation and Response
    If your client is required to produce a document for the court showing that they have made a valid and recoverable copy of a 50TB database should you be required to produce it in the future do you have experts that can certify, for the court, that the backup was properly performed and can be recovered if necessary?

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