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Is a RAC Cluster worth more because it took two weeks to build rather than two days?

It is not a secret in the consulting business that the way to make the most money is to charge
by the hour and take as long as possible to produce a successful outcome.

We do not work that way.

We provide subject matter expertise in the form of a Fixed Price Fixed Scope engagements with an option
for mutually agreed upon change orders.

The way we engage forces us to not just get it right ... but to get it right quickly. You won't see a lot of our fingers writing ad hoc SQL at a keyboard because orchestration scripts can be reviewed, perfected and tested in advance. Scripts run quickly and greatly reduce the possibility of human error. You get more value because we invest our time in our lab, not in your data center.

If you have met us at a conference, participated in a Lunch & Learn or Q&A session, or reviewed this website you know we have the expertise to do it right. And you know we will refuse a project if we do not believe we can be successful.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your Oracle Database and Data Integration issues and decide whether we are the partner you have been looking for to secure your data and your databases, and bring your project to a successful conclusion: On Time and Under Budget.

Call us to parachute in before you have a security breach.
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