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What does your team do when they don't know the answer to a technical question related to Oracle Database security?
  • Ignore the issue?
  • Try "something" because "something" isn't doing "nothing"?
  • See if SHUTDOWN ABORT will make the issue go away?
  • Go to Oracle Support and open a Service Request that will be answered days later because it wasn't Sev 1?
  • Google a solution on the public internet?
  • Contact an account executive and buy something expensive?
We provide technical ad hoc Q&A sessions, by the hour, on any Oracle Database or Data Integration related topic.

If the problem is small enough that we can solve it in a simple Webex we will do so. There is no value to us, or to our clients, in turning a mole hill into a time consuming and expensive mountain.

The first hour of Q&A is free and will never include a sales pitch. To arrange a Q&A session for your team email us and make arrangements.
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